Why Laser Light Engines

As the industry leader, Laser Light Engines is the ideal partner for OEMs, theater integrators, staging companies and investors alike. Here are some of the reasons why LLE is the only laser illumination company that can deliver on the promise of "better light, better image" for thousands of installations worldwide:

Unique, system-level approach. While other companies are working on individual laser components, LLE has been commercializing a universal RGB laser "system" that combines various technologies into a practical, cost-effective solution. Our multi-year head start on this systems approach has put us ahead of the field in both development and application.

Innovative intellectual property. To support our systems approach, LLE holds key intellectual property in laser and fiber optic technologies. These include our first-of-its-kind "speckle-free" green laser, and our unique ability to deliver the high-power light to any projector head via optical fiber.

Robust and proven technologies. While LLE holds key patents and has filed for many more, much of the technology employed has been proven in various applications around the world. Rather than "reinvent the wheel," LLE has focused on harnessing the best technologies across a variety of fields, then combining them into a total, robust, commercial-ready solution that can be volume-manufactured.

New and retrofit applications. Theaters around the world and other large venues have installed tens of thousands of digital projectors in recent years, and don't want to replace them any time soon. That's why LLE has developed a retrofit solution that can easily upgrade virtually any projector installation to laser.

A flexible, universal solution. Unlike other approaches, LLE's solutions are not proprietary to any one type of projector. By utilizing optical fiber delivery, the same engine can be positioned in the projector, under the projector in a pedestal, near the projector in an audio rack, or hundreds of feet away in a server closet. This capability will revolutionize the theater of the future, enabling "lightfarms" and true boothless multiplexes.

Partnering with all the market leaders. Laser Light Engines is engaged with leading companies in key markets and applications. We are committed to working as partners with companies that share our vision of better light, better images and lower TCO for digital projectors and digital displays.

The LLE difference

Laser Light Engines is uniquely able to deliver these benefits of solid-state illumination:

Brightness – Brightness levels 2-10 times that of traditional lamps, including full brightness and color for 3D cinema!

Image Quality – Significant, demonstrated increases in uniformity, contrast ratio and color gamut.

Cost Reduction – Solid-state lasers promise a 5- to 10-year lifetime at full brightness, with no expensive lamp changes, for a significant reduction in Total Cost of Ownership (TCO).

Green & Efficient – Lasers reduce direct and indirect power consumption by 30-50% compared to traditional high pressure gas discharge lamps, further reducing TCO.